Bandly brings a missing element to Apple Watch & Fitbit Versa

Technology can alienate us from nature, but Bandly aims to bridge the gap by re-inventing wood.


Bandly introduces a smart watch band that connects your tech back to nature with real wood, made soft & flexible through a patented new re-engineering process. The design innovation has already been validated by MoMA & the Guggenheim & now it's time the tech industry pays attention.

The start-up has transformed a rigid natural material into an eco-friendly & highly durable wood watch band that is as rigorously tested & engineered as any smart watch. The wood surface of Bandly’s bands are made from recycled wood. It won't crack & the bottom surface is made of a soft non-toxic vegan leather. 

Technology is everywhere in our lives & with tech there comes harmful trade-offs. Micro changes can make a big impact. Bandly aims to be a micro-change that brings a little bit of real nature into your experience of tech. Since the introduction of smart watches, their bands have remained mostly unchanged. It's time that Apple & Fitbit live up to the groundbreaking, innovative spirit of smart watches.

Bandly’s parent company, Analog Watch Co., has already sold over 30,000 units of the soft & flexible wood bands for traditional watch models. In a testament to the bands’ ingenuity & design, MoMA has included the wood band design in numerous catalogs, online, & in store. Guggenheim, The Smithsonian, & Urban Outfitters are just a few of the retailers who’ve carried the product. 

Bandly purchases for Apple Watch include a matching background that streamlines the entire pieces aesthetic. The innovative wooden band will be the first Apple Watch accessory that leverages the new Series 5 Apple Watch "always-on display" as a design element.

"Plants reduce stress & patients heal faster with nature exposure. Even a photo of trees reduces anxiety levels. Technology fatigue isn't going anywhere, so we decided to combine this well known benefit of nature with everyday tech items."   -Lorenzo Buffa, CEO

"This feels like magic, how is wood so soft & supple?" - Ryan S., Customer

Bandly launches on Kickstarter on Tues Oct 22, 2019 at 11am EST. This will be the team's 6th crowdfunding campaign. For PR related questions or interviews contact or call 484-808-5831

Campaign Link:  (will redirect to live campaign on launch day)   High Res Images:

Key Detail Rundown:
  • Patented soft & flexible wood band, crafted using a patented process developed over four
  • Bridges the gap between nature & technology, innovating in an area tech companies are ignoring
  • 30,000+ wood bands already sold for traditional watches via parent company Analog Watch Co.
  • Eco-friendly design using upcycled wood backed with a vegan PVC free leather 
  • Limited $35 pre-order price for earliest customer, $39 after 
  • Comes in Dark Teak, Light Teak, Maple, and Rosewood
  • Matching backgrounds included to streamline the Apple Watch aesthetic
  • Fits all Apple Watch models, All Fitbit Versa Watch models, & is unisex
  • Launches October 22, 2019, at 11 AM EST


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Fitbit Versa Bands

Over 5 years of Development & Testing