Bandly brings the missing element of nature to Apple Watch


Bandly introduces an Apple Watch band that connects you back to nature through a patented re-engineering of wood. The startup has invented the first soft, yet flexible, wood band that is as rigorously tested & engineered as the Apple Watch itself.

Technology continues to interface pervasively with our lives even though research indicates some pretty harmful effects. Bandly, instead leverages data highlighting the positive effects of small interventions of nature. In short, more nature = increased well being.

"We already know desk plants reduce stress & patients heal faster with nature exposure. We aim to incorporate this subtle benefit with everyday tech items."  CEO - Lorenzo Buffa

Consumer demand for this eco-friendly alternative to silicone or metal is already validated as over 30,000 units of a non-apple version have been sold via parent company Analog Watch Co. MoMA Design Store carried a line by Analog for 2 years featuring this unique wooden band, a testament to it's ingenuity & design calibre. 

"This feels like magic, how is it so soft & supple?" Customer - Ryan S.

"I've been on the fence about smart watches, but this might tip me over." Customer - Elaine B. 

Bandly launches on Kickstarter on October 21, 2019 & includes matching backgrounds that streamline the Apple Watch aesthetic. This will be the teams 6th pre-launch campaign.

Campaign Link: 

  • Patented design
  • Limited $35 pre-order price for earliest backers
  • 30,000+ bands already sold via parent company
  • Eco-friendly (vegan leather, upcycles a waste wood product)
  • Unisex
  • Comes in dark teak, light teak, maple, & rosewood
  • Fits all apple watch models
  • Backgrounds included

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